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YouTube Star CarryMinati Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Wiki Details. CarryMinati, real name Ajey Nagar, is an Indian YouTuber who is best known for his comedy and roasting videos. He has been active on YouTube since 2010 and has amassed over 35.5 million subscribers as of April 2022. If you want to know more about CarryMinati, then keep reading.

CarryMinati Biography



CarryMinati real name is Ajay Nagar, Ajay Nagar was born on 12 June 1999 in Faridabad, Hariyana.

CarryMinati rose to fame with his roast videos, in which he makes fun of other YouTubers and celebrities. He has also been involved in several controversies, most notably the TikTok vs YouTube feud.

Apart from roasting, CarryMinati is also known for his gaming videos and vlogs. He has a second YouTube channel called CarryIsLive, which is dedicated to live streaming.

CarryMinati is one of the most popular YouTubers in India and is considered to be a pioneer in the roasting genre. He is also one of the highestpaid YouTubers in the country, with an estimated net worth of $4.5 million.

CarryMinati Youtube Vs Tiktok Roast

Now CarryMinati is very popular in India he made a new world record in India that is a few days before CarryMinati has roasted TikTok, because In India nowadays Youtube vs TikTok topic is very famous.

At the request of people, CarryMinati has Roasted India’s popular Tiktokers like Mr. Faisu, and Amir Siddiqui. CarryMinati youtube vs Tik Tok video crossed 50 million views in just 3 days and the record is this video got more than 9 million likes which is the highest liked video in India.

CarryMinati Family

In Ajay Nagar’s family, there are four persons Ajay’s mom, dad, big brother, and Ajay. Ajay’s brother’s name is Yash and he is a musician and music producer.

Ajay studied in Delhi public school. But Ajay has no interest in studies. He was completely addicted to games.

CarryMinati Youtube Channel

In 2010 Ajay’s one friend suggested to him that Windows 7 is now available in this you will get all games.

So CarryMinati installed windows 7 on his PC that time Ajay Nagar was just 11 years old. But Ajay doesn’t get any games. But Ajay was pretty much interested in windows 7 so he made one video and uploaded it to the Steal thfearzz youtube channel this was his first youtube channel.

CarryMinati Net Worth & Income

He has uploaded more than 150 videos in 2 years but in India people are not interested in gaming at that time, after that carry changed his youtube channel name to carrydeol because people only liked carry’s funny commentary.

After that carry started gaming roasting means Roasting small actors along with playing games. Which was quite inspired by American YouTuber Leafyishere. After that carry’s channel started to grow at a decent speed.

After that, on 23 April 2016 Carry changed his youtube channel name to CarryMinati with a new logo. After that carry roasted all cringe singers and actors. One day he roasted BB ki vines better known as Bhuvan Bam. After that CarryMinati channel got boosted and its subscribers were rapidly growing. That video got viral and even BB ki vines appreciated Carry’s work.

After that Ajay started thinking about his studies the day before his exam he decided to become a full-time YouTuber. and he said to his father that he can’t study anymore. So his father said no problem you do whatever you want to do. After that carry left regular school and joined the part-time school and became a full-time YouTuber.

After that CarryMinati got 3 strikes in his channel but with the support of subscribers and his intelligence those strikes got removed. After that Carry started roasting with permission. Carry roasted many people who are now celebrities like Dhinchak Pooja, and Deepak Kalal.

CarryMinati Girlfriend & Relationship

CarryMinati is still single he is not interested in a love life. His love is gaming only. But in the middle one rumour was spread that CarryMinati and Pardesi Girl are dating each other but that rumor was fake Carry completely denied that she is not in a relationship with anyone.

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